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Malabar Parota - 1 Kg

Malabar Parota - 1 Kg

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These Indian breads are native to South India, particularly Kerala and even Tamil Nadu. They are known as parotta or paratha, lachha paratha, and Kerala Parota. They are ready to heat for 1 minute on each side and enjoy. No cooking involved.

Malabar Parathas are layered breads of Kerala that are enjoyed with spicy curries like butter chicken, palak paneer or the classic Kerala egg roast, or even beef roast. They are pre-cooked and just need a touch of heat to get fluffy again.


Nutritional Value Facts

Have a look at the breakdown of the nutrition facts of 100 grams of Malabar Parota.

Calories: 196

Fat: 12 grams

Cholesterol: 45 milligrams

Carbohydrates:  30 grams

Sodium: 191 milligrams

Protein: 4 grams

Potassium: 88 milligrams


Health Benefits

Energy: For those who have heavy workouts, this high-energy bread is great to start the day.

Fiber: Though it has low fibre content, it is still waist-friendly and aids in smooth digestion.

Vitamin B1: Frozen Kerala Parota contains vitamin B1, which helps in controlling the metabolism of the body. 

 Malabar Parota is kept in the cold section and just needs a reheat of 3-5 minutes so that it becomes fluffy and flaky. No oil/ ghee/ butter is needed.


Texture & Taste

The Malabar Parota texture and taste are chewy with a delicate golden crunch, and the layers in the bread can easily absorb curry flavors.

Recipe Ideas 

Malabar Parota can be enjoyed for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Try making the Malabar Parota Shawarma with grilled beef, lamb, or chicken, salad onions, mayo, and French fries



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