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Chicken Samosa - 1 Kg (50-55 piece)

Chicken Samosa - 1 Kg (50-55 piece)

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Chicken samosas/ Chicken Triangles are great snacks to have while you travel, or after your workout, or on a busy day.

Frozen Chicken Samosas are a must-have for working mothers. Our special blend of minced chicken, spices, and herbs has been noted for its nutritional value and is used to serve guests, add to your party appetizers or cocktail party, for school tiffins, or even as a travel energy snack.


Nutritional Value Facts

Have a look at the breakdown of the nutrition facts of 100 grams of Chicken Samosa

Calories: 210

Fat: 0.3 grams

Cholesterol: 13 milligrams

Carbohydrates:  24 grams

Sodium: 346 milligrams

Protein: 7.7 grams


Health Benefits 

 Chicken samosas are loaded with nutrition and great for all ages.

  • Weight loss: Our frozen chicken samosas contain low-fat chicken mince that is great to relieve hunger and does not build up high-energy fat in the body.
  • Amino acids: The meat contains amino acids that help in muscle and tissue repair and regeneration.
  • Cardiovascular health: Good chicken samosas are free from bad fats and reduce heart disease risks.
  • Serotonin: Studies reveal chicken meat can improve moods due to the presence of serotonin. This relieves stress and improves sleep.
  • Protein: This low-fat protein is great to regain strength and feel energetic after a long day at work or after studies.

Chicken Samosa Packages are neatly packed into small packets that can be conveniently handled. They can be easily taken out and fried for 3 minutes in hot oil, as there is no need to thaw them.


 Texture & Taste

The Chicken Samosa texture and taste are crunchy due to the thin wrapping. It is crisp on the outside and juicy on the inside, with soft minced chicken, onions, and other natural ingredients that suit the Indian palate.


 Recipe Ideas

Chicken samosas can be enjoyed as tea-time snacks or party appetizers. Try our Chinese saucy chicken samosa bites. Just bake the samosas for 10 minutes until lightly golden. Then make a dipping sauce of soy, sweet chili, vinegar, brown sugar, salt, and water with garlic flakes. Then add in the baked samosas and try it out hot!


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